EyeMixEar are live collaborations between DJs and VJs.  It came about after watching a TV screen play on at a house party with nothing more than a spotify playlist held up on the screen.  The idea light clicked on and EXE was born to replace the playlist and itunes visualizer.. Download, Play and Enjoy!

To collaborate just send us a message. www.vimeo.com/eyemixear


EyeMixEar 007: Dirty Phonics & (2VJ’s) EyeLumenaughty & Projectile Objects

1 Hour mix to the tune of DirtyPhonics – “Endless Summer Mix.”

EyeMixEar 006: Majestic Casual &  ProjectileObjects (1Hr 14min)

EyeMixEar 005: DJ Thermos & ProjectileObjects

EyeMixEar 004 “Twerk It”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

30 Minutes of Twerking Videos, oh Yeah

EyeMixEar 003 “Asia”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

EyeMixEar 002 “Disco House”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

EyeMixEar 001: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

Eye X Ear




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