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VJing 2010-2020

I’ve been VJing for some years now.  I love the live performance aspect of it. An ability to create in real time and when the night’s over, I can simply unplug my laptop and walk away.  It offers creative expression, a sense of fulfillment, and a learning process that is ever evolving.

projectileobjects lasercrunk

Photo from the 1st LazerCrunk I VJ’ed at, notice the spray painted cardboard and dual rear projection screens made from cut-frost shower curtains.

I was first introduced to VJing around 2009 while looking for a way to edit music videos in real time.  There were a lot of technical hurdles to over come at the time, but I eventually found a way. And then I stopped making music videos ;) 

From small 50 person capacity venues to large music festivals, I’ve been fortunate in the course that it has taken me.  I am excited for anyone who is interested in the art form and I like to contribute as much as I can to the online knowledgeable. Hence I blog here on

Bent @ 9:30 Club. Washington D.C. 2020

Full List (To the best of my memory) of all the Artists I’ve worked with:

Some of these artists I have VJ’ed for at an event others I work with to build visual experiences.