Cornelius, aka ProjectileObjects, is an accomplished  VJ, projection mapper, and video producer. Versed in all areas of video production and performance art; he has explored the visual medium through music videos, motion graphics, live events and interactive installations.  

He is a contributing editor for Projection-Mapping.org and, whenever he has a spare minute, his own blog www.ProjectileObjects.com.

In other life, Cornelius is an activist and a partner at Merging Media, a boutique digital media and video content company based in Pittsburgh, PA.


Past & Present collaborator(s)(ions):

Char Stiles – http://charstiles.com/

Bill Shannon – http://www.whatiswhat.com/

Slowdanger – http://www.slowdangerslowdanger.com/

Mancc – http://www.mancc.org/

Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry – http://studioforcreativeinquiry.org/

VIA – https://www.facebook.com/VIA.HQ/

Pittsburgh Modular – www.PittsburghModular.com

Cutups & Keebs, Geoff & Todd Keebs (Keebs Visuals for Lasers) Lazercrunk – lazercrunk.com

Leigh & Co @ Nakturnal Marketing – http://www.nakturnal.net/

Spirit – http://www.spiritpgh.com/

Jessica Hoy @ Ink Blot Army – http://www.inkblotarmy.com/

Space is the Place Records out of Baltimore, MD – http://www.spaceistheplacerecords.com/

Rar Kelly & Lemz – Normaling – http://www.wearenormaling.com/

Astrolith – http://astrolith.wordpress.com/

Thunderbird Juicebox – http://soundcloud.com/thunderbird-juicebox

TT The Artist – http://tttheartist.com/

Joe Yppah – YPPAH – http://www.yppahmusic.com/

Laurent, Little People – http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/

Winner @ Together Boston VJ Competition 2014 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Together_Boston

Greg @ Artistic Projection LLC., – http://artisticprojection.com/

Shaun, aka. Kid Kadian – http://www.vjkidkadian.com/

VJ Flood – https://vimeo.com/vjflood

1337 Pittsburgh – http://www.facebook.com/1337pgh

Belvederes – http://www.belvederesultradive.com/

Down & Derby – https://sk8party.com/

Projection Mapping Central – www.projection-mapping.org

Herman Pearl – http://pearlartsstudios.com/tsr/

VJ Union – http://vjunion.net/

ill.Gates – http://ill-gates.com/


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