Cornelius Henke III, is a writer, VJ, and creative technologist. Versed in areas of video production and performance art; he has explored the visual medium through music videos, motion graphics, live events, and interactive installations.

He is a former fellow and artist in residence at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. And in the past a contributing writer for before its discontinuation.

In other life, Cornelius is an activist and partner at Merging Media, a boutique digital media production company based in Pittsburgh, PA and a team member of VIDVOX, the makers of VDMX. You can see his tutorials and blog posts in the forums or at

In 2021 ProjectileObjects formed an LLC that offers a range of services including: conceptual design, development, engineering, fabrication, and installations.

projectile objects photo cornelius
Cornelius @ Arches National Park 2016
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