The first time I VJ’ed in public was at Belvedere’s in Pittsburgh, PA.  I had a great relationship with everyone there, which led to a variety of projects.  From projection mapping to infinity mirrors.  It’s been a fun playground for VJ’s, visuals, and exploration. 

     In the early days, Belvies was a smoke-filled dive bar known for its cheap drinks and infamous 80’s night. Time passed, and a kitchen fire shut the place down for over a year. This led to a vast remodel, the decline of 80’s night and ushered in a new era of dance music, DJ’s, and clientele. The whole neighborhood changed. Homes rocketed in value, new businesses opened up, and this bar became voted the #1 dance club in Pittsburgh. Packed every weekend with lines around the block, Belvederes has grown significantly over the last few years. I’m most thankful that the staff and DIY attitude of the place haven’t changed. (Most of the projection mapped staging designs were made from recycled materials and signs).