This was one of the greatest shows of my life. A true highlight! I can’ thank everyone enough. I hope that we can revisit this again and share the performance with others. All the shows in Pittsburgh sold out, and I hope we can bring it back for more people to experience.

First off, big thanks to Jennifer Nagle Myers for the various interviews(s) about Empathy Machine.  Found here:

So what is empathy machine?

In the words of a D.C. audience goer, “Oh my god, that was incredible!” Seems to be the best way to describe it.  It is a project spearheaded by the multidisciplinary duo of slowdanger. A while ago I built an LED ring for the dangers to perform under. The project grew organically and went from 15-minute performances into a one hour queer sci-fi dance drama. To me, it is about the story; A piece with human connection, purpose, actions, and consequences.  We had sold-out show(s) in Pittsburgh, D.C., and NYC. I can only hope that others will see it again. The Promo from Empathy Machine created by Char Stiles. I feel blessed to be a collaborator on this project. It’s too cool.

Images courtesy of DancePlace D.C.

Post on slowdanger’s website: slowdangerslow

Full show at Kelly-Strayhorn Theater Alloy Studios. Pittsburgh, PA

DancePlace D.C. Promo: