EyeMixEar was an attempt to link DJ’s & VJ’s together to make 30 minute A/V mixes for the web. This was pre-Twitch and Youtube Live!  The idea itself came from visiting a friend’s house party and staring at the Spotify playlist that was up on the TV. I thought e.M.e could bring visuals to any party.  It was optimistic. I underestimated how difficult it was to get other DJ’s and VJ’s syncing schedules for 30 minutes and create something.  I’d usually get the text message hours before, “Oh hey, I can’t make it” or “Let’s reschedule.”   I even had a cool portable setup for recording audio and video in HQ without bothering their computers.  Maybe one day in the future there will be more interested DJ’s and VJ’s who would like to collaborate. But, hey! We got 7 great mixes out of it. 🙂 

EXE.007 Dirty Phonics & (2VJ’s) EyeLumenaughty & Projectile Objects

 1 Hour mix to the tune of DirtyPhonics – “Endless Summer Mix.”

EXE.006 Majestic Casual &  ProjectileObjects (1Hr 14min)

EXE.005 DJ Thermos & ProjectileObjects

EXE.004 “Twerk It”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

30 Minutes of Twerking Videos, oh Yeah

EXE.003 “Asia”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

EXE.002 “Disco House”: Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)

EXE.001 Dizcrepnnc & Cornelius3 (Aka. ProjectileObjects)