In June 2016, Spirit reached out to my friend Todd Keebs and I to create something unique for their one-year anniversary.  We ended up taking their illustrator logo design and turning it into a wall mounted installation.  Todd made the illustrator design and prepared it for a friend of his to CNC cut. They came in the night before the event and assembled it and hung it on the wall.  Then I went in a programmed a Raspberry Pi to playback the visuals.  I used After Effects to pre-render all the visuals in anticipation of a tight turnaround.  I’ve since updated the installation 2-3 times, but it has been running great for a little over 3 years now. I want to say thanks to Todd Keebs, Leigh Yock, Tom Barr, and the rest of the Spirit staff.

Spirit Lawrenceville Pittsburgh PA Projection Mapping Installation Spirit Logo Animation

In Fall of 2021, I installed addressable (programmable) LED accent lighting in the downstairs dance floor of Spirit. The current LED setup uses an audio responsive LED controller that the staff can customize on location.