Downloading Youtube Videos for VJing Mac & PC.

Update:  Check out the latest  post on this subject here:



You may have seen one of my previous posts, Batch Downloading and Converting Youtube Videos.

It was a great method that has stopped working only within the past few months.  The reason being = DASH.

Dash is a streaming protocol that has made it difficult to download entire videos with the old methods out there.  Trust me I tried them all in a 2 day panic before a show and only found 1 downloader that worked properly with the Dash Protocol. (I read about FFMPEG w/ JDownloader working, but only on windows and some macs)

The best so far, CYS Downloader: works perfectly with the Firefox web browser.  I would lay out how-to’s, but it is a very simple process and all the necessary instructions are on the website.

Hope that helps, leave any comments or questions you may have.



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