Making Anaglyphic VJ content w/ Unity and Char Stiles A project popped up with my friend Pandemic Pete. Los Mirlos ( "Blackbirds") is a Peruvian cumbia band on their first USA tour. Pete wanted to give them something special -- and 3D. This seemed like another perfect project to collaborate with Char Stiles on. Pete wanted palm trees, blackbirds, and fireworks. And instead … Continue reading Making Anaglyphic VJ content w/ Unity and Char Stiles

Adobe Media Encoder Instagram Presets Free Download

Link for anyone who needs them.  There are two Instagram presets.  Wide with 16:9 Aspect ratio and the other is Square aspect ratio with HD resolution of 1080x1080 or 1:1 for IG If they helped you say thanks @ProjectileObjects on IG Adobe_Media_Encoder_Instagram_Presets Download and extract the zip file. Info to install here: Works for … Continue reading Adobe Media Encoder Instagram Presets Free Download

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slowdanger crowdfunding.

I've had the honor of working with this performance entity, slowdanger. They have launched a crowd funding campaign to support their 2018 Fall performance season and if you have interest in their work, please share or contribute to their campaign.   Thanks Critically acclaimed performance entity, slowdanger, embarks on their 2018 Fall Performance Season. Source: … Continue reading slowdanger crowdfunding.

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DIY: Automated projection mapping installation. PMC

Here's an article with a DIY method for creating automated projection mapping installations. Projection mapping installations are cool. Here's a DIY method for automating your own... #projectionmapping #installation #projectileobjects #minimad @Pro_Objects #automation #howto Source: DIY: Automated projection mapping installation. PMC