ProjectileObjects Performing

ProjectileObjects Performing

It’s been some time since I posted that I would attending together boston’s VJ competition and I just found the time to write this post.  Quick overview, well…  I won 🙂 and in more ways then 1st place.  They gave out some cool prizes, QuNeo, Resolume Arena, etc. and getting 1st place was a win, but maybe not in the way you may think.  It just felt good to be there; to see a showcase from all over, and to feel validation for the years put into my practice. I only wished that it was a multiple day event so that I would have had more time to get to know all of the awesome people there –Theresa Silver, tekt, Jaeson Tek, VJ Dziga, Oculus Prime, Adrenochrome ,SLV and Lane V. McCabe.


Together Boston VJ Finalists:
1. ProjectileObjects
2. tekt
3. Jaeson Tek

So as a tribute to that day and to my new found friends, I had some time to put together a bit of the footage that I shot in and around boston, some of which (in the beginning) I shot and used during the competition (which you can see me doing at the end of the video).

Thanks to All – ProjectileObjects


I have also included video of my full set here and of VJ Oculus Prime below.


Oculus Prime Set ( amateur filming)

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