Project update:   Due to the paper stickers lack of weatherproofing (indoor only) I have pivoted into having a more “permanent” sticker made.  Introducing the #CatcallingIsHarassment eggshell stickers.  They adhere to smooth clean surfaces and become difficult to remove after about 5 minutes.  They are now stationed at a few local coffee shops in the Pittsburgh area. Thus far we made 12,500 stickers.

You can download the design in the previous post (below) to make your own.


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This isn’t in the realm of projection mapping, but I’m sure some night soon this will be brightly displayed on the side of a building.   For now I’m using this blog as a way to share the idea.

catcallingisharassment catcalling is harassment stickers

#CatcallingIsHarassment stickers

It only took $163.14 to make 3,000 4″x4″ stickers that 86% of them “disappeared” in less than a day.   I have since updated the design to incorporate the hashtag #CatCallingIsHarassment to help others share the idea and uploaded the files for anyone to download, share, or printing.  i.e. signs & stickers.

Catcalling Is Harassment Files

Catcalling is Harassment PDF only

Initially someone printed 500 Vinyl stickers for free, they were amazing quality, but limited, more expensive, easier to remove (in one piece), and more detrimental to the environment. For paper stickers I found this company had good prices and turn around time, I’m going to see what else is out there, but for now: https://www.printplace.com/products/promotional-and-event-stickers

Hopefully you can take it from here, spread the word, et cetera. Let me know if you find a better printer.

#catcallingisharassment #catcalling


Nate Tovornik · June 14, 2018 at 9:37 am

I’m a bit late to finding this post – but, each time I take the T I see one at my stop, along with the remnants of one at the Negley Ave Busway inbound station. Do you know if any of these are still available at any coffee shops?

    Nate Tovornik · June 14, 2018 at 9:41 am

    “…..did you read the whole post?”

    – no..i didn’t. Going to download the files now!

    projectileobjects · June 15, 2018 at 9:35 am

    I have some to drop off at Espresso A Mano, but most of the places I used to leave them at before have since changed and made it more difficult. Anytime you want, I can get you some. LMK

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