Rode Wireless Go II Lavalier Mic Cable Protector 3D Print

I’m a fan of the Wireless Go II. This isn’t a sponsored article, but more of a release of something cool for something cool — and I’m also shouting out to Rode asking them to please update their Rode Central software to allow for batch renaming and exporting! (please)

I’ve been doing a lot of filming since May and these mics have been a lifesaver. You can even ask a teacher of mine who now uses them for his zoom class (better quality audio while standing far away from the laptop).

Anyway, this isn’t a sales pitch, but if you have these microphones, you may be worried about your 3.5mm (1/8″) external mic cable snapping when strapped to an aggressive performer.

I’m using this cable protector with the Godox LMS-12AX microphones in this photo. A wonderful quality budget microphone with a low noise floor (that is TRS and works great with the Rode Wireless Go II).

If there’s enough interest and I can get my hands on some other TRS lavalier microphones, maybe I’ll update this design to fit a larger connector.

This is a 3D printable design. It also has a hinge that allows it to fold up more compact. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvement. I’m always open to them.

Thanks and enjoy!


© 2021 ProjectileObjects

(I recommend printing PETG, ABS works fine, but PETG is my default for just about everything these days).

This should also work for the Rode Wireless Go (1st edition).

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