Winter 2016- Spring of 2017, I set up a scheduled projection mapping installation in the top windows of a local coffee shop. Using 2 projectors, raspberry pis, and simple on/off timers, I made this installation self-contained and automated. The store would close, the lights would go on, and it would play from a variety of videos.

Outside of asking for permission, I did this because I wanted to open up this visual space for any artists who would like to submit content. It was a completely open sourced project/idea, but like so many impromptu projects, only three people chimed in and provided additional video content to put up. I didn’t promote as well as I could have and the sign that I left in the store disappeared multiple times after cutthroat music promoters tore them all down to replace with posters for their incoming musical acts. 😐


It was a cool project. I explored some new techniques, learned a few more lessons, and blogged about it multiple times.

Original Blog post from before it retired.