Some Cost Saving Tips and Tricks for DJ’s VJ’s and Visual Artists:

These are just a few options that I’ve learned over the years.  Leave comments if you have any of your own.

My Favorite 16:9 Rear Projection Screen: InterDesign EVA Shower X-Wide Shower Curtain = $14

I wish it was just a little bit thicker for better contrast, but 1 piece 16:9 ready rear projection screen for under $20 is hard to beat.

My Second Favorite 4:3 Shower curtain (oops I mean rear projector screen) is another frost curtain from Target that is 72″ x 72″  they tend to be a bit thicker then the one above. And if you get some clear packing tape you can put them together and get sleek 16:9 ready screen.

After that a nice $4 solid white shower curtain from Walmart is a very durable option for front projection.  You may find all sizes vary a little bit, but hey what do you expect when the sweat shop changes shifts.

Cords and saving Money — HDMI has become extremely affordable these days, much more than DVI and even more than VGA at this point.  With a direct line you can easily rock out 50 feet away from your projector for under $20.

Get rid of your DVD CD drive and put in a Hard Drive Caddy for $10.  Take your Stock Apple Hard Drvie use carbon copy cloner and copy it over to a nice SSD drive, then put it in the Caddy and gain space and speed.
Or spend a little more for the “better one” ? OWC Data doubler @ $37.99

Lastly remember Craigslist is your friend for anything else.  Want some Road cases or Metal Cases for your Equipment to look cool (oops I mean protected), or that Livid Ohm you’ve been dreaming of.  If your willing to wait long enough chances are someones trash will become your treasure.

Well that that, Bob’s your uncle….