Code Orange Back Inside The Glass projection mapping.

In August 2020, Sam Jimenez (production/lighting designer) reached out on behalf of the Grammy nominated band Code Orange. They were planning a show unlike any other before. A new adventure, but where to start? They wanted something immersive — larger than life. We needed a space. The ideas were already flowing, but much of … Continue reading Code Orange Back Inside The Glass projection mapping.

for shadowing – slowdanger

for shadowing by slowdanger for the Kennedy Center in D.C. (@kennedycenter) in their  Arts Across America series sponsored by Facebook with support from the Kelly-Strayhorn theater in Pittsburgh, PA  (@kstheater). It was a tight turn around time for me with four shows in the same week. (BentTV DC, MachineGirl, Code Orange, and slowdanger). We installed the … Continue reading for shadowing – slowdanger

Madmapper Qlab OSC tutorials.

I put two quick tutorials together for anyone interested. I'll add more to this page if I make them.   (Project brief below): Brief: I was building out slowdanger's - empathy Machine show and needed a way to automate various visual changes over the 1hr+ performance.  The beginning would trigger a preshow look … Continue reading Madmapper Qlab OSC tutorials.

Making Anaglyphic VJ content w/ Unity and Char Stiles A project popped up with my friend Pandemic Pete. Los Mirlos ( "Blackbirds") is a Peruvian cumbia band on their first USA tour. Pete wanted to give them something special -- and 3D. This seemed like another perfect project to collaborate with Char Stiles on. Pete wanted palm trees, blackbirds, and fireworks. And instead … Continue reading Making Anaglyphic VJ content w/ Unity and Char Stiles

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DIY: Automated projection mapping installation. PMC

Here's an article with a DIY method for creating automated projection mapping installations. Projection mapping installations are cool. Here's a DIY method for automating your own... #projectionmapping #installation #projectileobjects #minimad @Pro_Objects #automation #howto Source: DIY: Automated projection mapping installation. PMC

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Update and EspressoAMano open projection mapping project.

 I’ve been contributing to more frequently than my own blog and it has been some time since I last posted an update. For me, it’s a good problem to have, I’ve been busy… Over the last 2 years I’ve been piling up a collection of unedited videos from a slew of projects that I’ve had … Continue reading Update and EspressoAMano open projection mapping project.