space is the place

space is the place

What a fun show. After a long morning, I packed my bags and headed to Baltimore to crawl the arts festival just before setting up at the Metro Gallery on N. Charles St.  Upon hearing the mic check I knew I was in for a awesome night of visuals in a style that Baltimore has never seen before. ( I love to travel and share my passion – Book Me – ).   Having never been, I have to say that B.More is now a place close to my heart.  6 hours of visuals and partying till 6a.m., I feel like I made the most out of my experience before shooting back to Pittsburgh, to mix again at the infamous Belvederes’ 90s Night.  Last I heard Vice was there filming Cakes Da Killa, so hopefully one day I can take a peek at what they shot.

Shout outs to:

Rar Kelly & Lemz – Normaling

Cakes Da Killa

Mighty Mark

TT The Artist



Thunderbird Juicebox

Metro Gallery

& Balitmore

All in all I’m sharing pictures and love.


Anon, Anon — Projectile Objects

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