for shadowing by slowdanger for the Kennedy Center in D.C. (@kennedycenter) in their  Arts Across America series sponsored by Facebook with support from the Kelly-Strayhorn theater in Pittsburgh, PA  (@kstheater).

It was a tight turn around time for me with four shows in the same week. (BentTV DC, MachineGirl, Code Orange, and slowdanger).

We installed the ring on a Saturday, ran rehearsals Sunday. Waiting a week, then filmed the final “one take” video that would be used for the show.

I mounted the empathyMachine LED so it would be front facing, and a smaller ring that was used for path.OS behind them. We hazed the room to let the lights glow and I even built a floor dolly for this show.

The full series was shot and edited by Arvid Tomayko (@arvidtomayko) and features additional performances by STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos.

Full video series Penn Avenue Live -> Link <-

slowdanger performance begins at: 25 mins in

The live streamed aired 11.17.2020 at 4PM EST. I’m very thankful to be apart of this collaboration.

More Details:

This is the original pre-viz I created to talk about lighting design & camera movement. We made changes for various reasons, but a good pre-visualization can get the conversations flowing.

I needed a much longer dolly track than I had access to, so I built a custom dolly with 3D printed components.

Camera used BMPCC 6K with Canon 24-70mm 2.8

I will release the DIY Dolly (or Dope Dolly) #dopedolly in a future blog post with details and instructions. It’s based off my experience working with Dana Dollys, but they start at $1,200, their eBay alternative a “Doug Dolly” is $400, and this was less than $100 in all costs to manufacture on with 4 sets of load bearing wheels. (I’m building one for my friend, but please don’t ask me to make you one, it takes about 20 hours to print each of the four bases. With 4x pieces of PVC pipe, the total length of the dolly was 20′

^ a youtube screen grab w/ more details