I contributed a write-up to the VIDVOX blog (the makers of VDMX)!


This article covers software, hardware, and miscellaneous things I pack when working on the road. Many of these tools are lifesavers!

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time after interacting with professionals on jobs who knew little about HDCP; tools and tricks around it.

A lot of video conversion hardware is designed around film/video broadcast standards. The problem is, most event / computer (VJ, projection mapping, installation) hardware is built around “computer standards.” Projectors around “projection standards,” and from time to time they do not play well together. Newer hardware from Atomos, BlackMagic Design, and Roland are adapting fast to solve this (because of the demand for professional web streaming tools), but some venues (or rental houses) have had the same HDMI to SDI converters for over a decade, and that’s when problems arise.

Before you’re out on your next gig, check out this blog post and see if it is of any use. AND! If you have any tricks or tools that you use — please comment or email me with them so I can add them to the list.


My road kit circa 2012


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