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Here I am, again, saying the cliché – “It’s been a while since I’ve made a post”. Yet, the essence remains consistent – I’m passionately lost in what I love doing.

My past year has been a whirlwind, juggling between collaborating with VIDVOX (the brains behind VDMX), contributing to the vibrant community of live performers and VJs, and producing vibrant video content.

Rewind to 2003-2009, my world was all about music videos, collaborations with rappers, and self-taught videography lessons.

A decade ago, I bid adieu to music videos, welcomed VJing, and veered towards passion-driven projects.

An amusing mockumentary concept with Cice and Man emerged. But back then, they weren’t on board – “that will make us look stupid,” they’d said.

Fast forward to 2021, a reunion over a music video idea quickly spiraled into revisiting the mockumentary. As we joked and laughed, inspiration struck. Scripts, skits, episodes – all started pouring out.

My journey over the past 12 years revolves around commercial works, VJing, and performing. Transitioning into a comedy mockumentary filmmaker? It was challenging. But challenges fuel growth. A simple test – our M.V.P. (minimum viable product) – would be our litmus test.

We rolled our sleeves up and embarked on a trial. March 2021 saw us crafting “Chicken Sh*t”

Our first video. Made in 2021, released in 2024

See what works and be honest about what didn’t.

Feedback poured in after we released our episode. We received a plethora of emotions and critiques, yet it was the sound of laughter that resonated the most. It propelled us to refine our work, leading up to our pilot presentation. But then came the post-production dilemma. In an age dominated by 15-second TikToks and fleeting attention spans, who’s got the patience for a 25-minute episode?

But for us, it was never about the outcome. It was the joy of the creative process, the shared laughter, and the cherished memories that mattered. Our work mirrors our world, lightened with a touch of humor.

As for the future, our vision for the forthcoming seasons is vivid, and the anticipation is tangible. Every share, every ROFL emoji, every red heart we receive only fuels our zeal.

Isn’t there a belief that the universe came into existence from a mighty laugh? It’s a notion I’d happily embrace.

Now, without further delay, dive into the 1m54s trailer of Never Enough – The Struggles of Cice.

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