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It’s been a while since I’ve made a post (I say this every time), and it’s always for the same reason. I love doing what I do, so I do it all the time.

From working with VIDVOX (the makers of VDMX) and contributing the large community of live performers and VJs out there, to working with dancers, and making video content; I’ve spent the past year in nonstop production mode.

From 2003-2009, most of my creative livelihood comprised making music videos, working with rappers, and learning video making through trial and error.

By 2010, I didn’t want to shoot music videos anymore. VJing rolled into my life and I switched my focus to projects I was passionate about (instead of goal oriented or financially motivated).

That’s when the vision of a comedy mockumentary with Cice and Man originated, but back then when I asked if they wanted to do it, their words were, “that will make us look stupid.”

So I canned it somewhere in the back of my head until 2021, when Cice and Man returned to me with a music video idea. I said no, but as they started to argue and make me laugh (as they are very good at doing), a voice in the back of my head said, “hey! what about that mockumentary!?” I proposed it again, and this time they accepted. As soon as we ended our facetime meeting, I went on a spree of writing scripts, skits, and episodes of the show. By the next day I had four 12 min episodes ready to go.

But I’ve been making commercial works, VJing, and performing for the past 12 years, what do I know about comedy mockumentary filmmaking? And what do we know about acting? Instead of letting the voices in my head dominate, I proposed a test. A minimum viable product, something we could shoot (by ourselves), put together and share to see if we’re even funny, or if we could act, or if I (who have been writing scripts for over a decade) could write comedy?

There were plenty of unknowns, but nothing would be clear until we tried. And so, I grabbed my camera, polished up a short script, and got to work.

In March 2021, we created the chicken episode (which will appear on our YouTube page later this year).

See what works and be honest about what didn’t.

Our first episode was too long (7mins), needed a camera operator, but when we shared it people laughed a lot, and for very different reasons. People who knew me laughed at Man and Cice. Friends of Cice laughed at Man and I, and Man’s wife (who I had never met at that point) praised our goofiness in such an encouraging way that we had to keep going.

After multiple creative meetings, several script revisions, and asking a friend to come in as our cameraman/DP (Kev), we shot our pilot presentation, but then what? After editing, audio, color correction, VFX, and so on — what do you do with a “final” product that’s 25mins long?

I knew all this going into it, but I wasn’t motivated by the end result — I did it to enjoy the process. From beginning to end, this was one of the most enjoyable creative experiences of my life. We made something that we were all proud of. Something that brought immense joy to us, our friends, and our families. It commented on the world around us and joked about the things we like to laugh at — ourselves.

It was a humbling process, a humorous one, and ultimately one that brought more love and magic into our lives than ever before.

We’ve planned what our first season would look like. I have some ideas for season 2 & 3, but without dreaming about the future, we’re really excited to be sharing this now! And we love seeing fans sharing our posts and with ROFL emojis and red hearts.

They say the universe was created with one big laugh “HA!!!” and from out of that came all things.

I can believe that or at least enjoy it. 🙂

From our heart to yours, we hope you enjoy the 1m54s trailer of Never Enough – The Struggles of Cice.

So much thanks to all those of have helped is or given feedback along the way! (you can find them on Instagram)

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