The near conclusion of this year has been busy to say the least. What is normally a calm, cold, and tranquil time of the year has been replaced by action, warmer weather, and the start of an exciting event that will now be taking place in the heart of downtown Ft. Myers Florida each month. It was my pleasure to join my pal Greg from Artistic Projection (, whom I met at the Boston VJ competition not so long ago. Along with his mates, Jeremy and Alison from SJP Productions (https://SJPLIVE.COM) & the whole Circus Arts crew ( we executed what may be Ft Myers first licensed downtown Rave? Shockingly, those were someone elses words and not mine, but we did run 3 stage of action packed Electronic dance music, Projection Mapping, lights, and well, ya know… Fun.
Long story short, it was a great event and the people I met while on this journey were top caliber — I would take a bullet for anyone of them.

So without further adieu and more scripted nonsense, I present a short video compilation of my experiences in Ft. Myers, followed by a heavy and quickly put together credit roll.

Additional Details.
Stage 1: 80’s Electronic Stage w/ Break dancers, (VJ Alison + Resolume) (2x 3500 Lumen Epson Projectors)
Stage 2: 70’s Electronic Stage w/ ProjectileObjects, (VDMX + Madmapper) (3x 3500 Lumen Epson Projectors)
Stage 3: Future Electronic STage w/ Eyelumenaughty, (Resolume) (2x 5000 Lumen, 1x 3500 Lumen Projectors)


AWESOME MUSIC in the video BY YPPAH – R. Mullen off the Eighty-Four soundtrack.