ISF Shaders and Madmapper Materials

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to this blog. (<- I feel like I say that every time). Plenty of things going on, but I’ll have to wait for their debut before I can post about them.

Recently, I took a little detour into converting GLSL shaders from Shadertoy into ISF shaders and materials for Madmapper.

I’m not a shader expert by any means, but it was fun to tinker with adding inputs, debugging, and chopping up lines of code. ( CharStiles helped me figure some things out 🙂

The general process is – Find a cool shader on Import using the ISF editor which does most of the heavy lifting for you. (Not everything is going to work, but –> debug) You may get lucky and some shaders will import without modifying the code. From there you can add variables and inputs to take the shader to the next level. I also had issues importing from Shadertoy with ISF editor 2.13 on Win & Mac. The old version worked fine. But the new on said “Wrong Type” when trying to import.

To convert from an ISF into a material for MadMapper, I used this process:

Original: by Duke

I could convert all of the ISF shaders to madmapper materials, but (my) only reason would be to publish them through madmappers’s internal database.

Original: by codevinsky

Note: I tried to post these ISF shaders to, but I didn’t have the time for more debugging. So I’m dropping them here for anyone who wants to download them. (I’ve got more, but I want to add more tweaks and inputs. I’ll upload more .zip to this blog post.) Thanks to the people who wrote the shaders and posted them on shadertoy, their names and info are in the headers.

A million thanks to the folks at VDMX and ISF for the super knowledge base, tutorials, and examples. See more here: & here:

Original: by mrange

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