October 1st, 2014, kicked off with the VIA festival and ProjectileObjects was there to represent in a big way.

We had two shows planned at the Rex Theater in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA. The first was on Thursday, October 2nd with DeafHeaven, Liturgy, & Slices, the second show was on Saturday, October 4th with Little People, Yppah, & Headphone Activist.

For both events, I partnered up with the brilliant mind of Todd Keebs to plan, built, and perform. The following video is a short compilation of visuals from both shows.

Thanks to Doug Helmick for filming during the October 2nd show, and special thanks to Ben at the Rex, Lauren & Quinn at VIA, Josh Tkaczuk for lighting, and once again to Todd Keebs for everything and running lasers during the October 4th (Little People & Yppah) show.

There is a tutorial to come on work during this event. Also check out NakYouOut’s write up of the event: https://nakyouout.com/lists/top-via-pgh-2014-moments

Event details below:

Via: https://www.via2014.com/

Info Page:https://via2014.com/people/projectileobjects/

Thur: https://via2014.com/event/day-02-deafheaven-liturgy-more-tba/

Sat: https://via2014.com/event/little-people/

Artists: Thursday October 2nd;https://deafheaven.comhttps://via2014.com/people/deafheaven/https://via2014.com/people/liturgy-pgh/https://via2014.com/people/slices/ Saturday October 4thhttps://www.littlepeoplemusic.comhttps://via2014.com/people/little-people-pgh/https://ninjatune.net/artist/yppahhttps://via2014.com/people/yppah-pgh/https://soundcloud.com/headphoneactivist