I’ve VJ-ed for over 10 years!  Live performances are thrilling.

The ability to create in the moment and walk away when the nights over. It’s almost as simple as closing a laptop lid.

It’s a stream of creative expression, a sense of fulfillment, and an ongoing learning process.

projectileobjects lasercrunk

Photo from the 1st LazerCrunk I VJ’ed at, notice the spray painted cardboard and dual rear projection screens made from frost shower curtains.

In 2009, in pursuit of a new way to edit music videos in real time — I discovered VDMX and VJing. There were several technical challenges but I mastered a technique to conquer music video editing, — then stopped making music videos entirely and started VJing! 

It felt natural.

From small capacity venues to massive music festivals, I’ve been fortunate to experience them all.

And I’m even more excited for those who are new to VJing or curious — It’s almost the sole reason for this blog. ProjectileObjects.com

I know this not the most sophisticated wordpress website, but it functions and I’m so active in life, that it’s rare for me to find the time to site down and write.  But I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.  I’ve seen other VJ websites disappear entirely.  I’ll keep this going. And I’ll keep VJing because it’s a part of the adventure!

Bent @ 9:30 Club. Washington D.C. 2020

Full List (To the best of my memory) of all the Artists I’ve worked with:

Some of these artists I have VJ’ed for at an event, others I work with to build visual experiences.